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Loyola University Chicago

Teaching with Primary Sources

Feedback From a Sixth Grade Class Post-Primary Source Lesson

The lesson was the first lesson from a unit on Esperanza Rising (PDF)


1.) What feelings did the primary sources make you feel?  Why?

 "It made me feel like I was back in that time period because it was the main/first source.  It also seemed special because they were from the past and the people who painted it or took the photo were actually there."

 "It made me feel excited because it made me feel closer to what happened"

 "I feel like an archeologist because we were looking at old things"

"Very interesting because it has history and it keeps us wanting to know what happened before we were born"

 "Wow, because I can see everything that happened a long time ago"

 "Good feelings, because they give me info"

 "It makes me feel important because I'm reading something important"


2.) What did you like about today's lesson?  Why?

"I like that we got to learn about the past from pictures and paintings.  It's more interesting."  

"That we got to learn and investigate pictures and writings about stuff.  It was really fun"

"I like the lesson today because I learned tons!"

"I liked the pictures because they were cool"

"The pictures because I like looking at pictures"

"I liked looking at the pictures and seeing history"

"I liked what it said on the newspaper because it was interesting"


3.) Did you feel more motivated to participate in today's lesson than others? Why or why not?

"Yes, because I want to learn things that I didn't know" 

"I did feel motivated because I did participate a lot" 

"Yes I did because I wanted to reach out and learn"

"Yes because I feel this is a topic I could remember and be enthusiastic"

"Yes, I did because it was fun"

"It did make me wanna learn more"


4.) Is there anything else you would like to say about today's lesson?

"It was interesting"

"It was cool!"


"I want to learn more"

"It was very interesting"

"Today's lesson was fun because there was so many fun things to learn"

"It was so cool!"

"I had fun"

"That I like when we talk about back then"

"It was great. I hope we can continue for a long time"

"It was so cool I learned a little about my old country Mexico and enjoyed it"

"It was a very fun lesson"

"It was really good"

"It was very interesting"

"It was a good lesson today"

"It was cool looking at primary sources/pictures from the past"