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Loyola University Chicago

Teaching with Primary Sources


Special Education

Grades Pre-kindergarten-2

Presidents (PDF) by Amanda Dezort, St. Agnes of Bohemia School, Chicago, Illinois

Citizenship and Me! (PDF) by Susan Geidner

Clothing Study in Preschool classroom by Elizabeth Carrick

Mr. Ferris and His Wheel (Early Library Science) by Mary Kowing  

Grades 5-8

African-American Pioneers of Science and Invention (PDF) by Dawn Gates of Bronzeville Lighthouse Charter School, Chicago.

Ragtime with Reginald (PDF) by Sondra D. Davis of Owen Scholastic Academy, Chicago.

Walt Whitman (PDF) by Therese Bonomo of St. Turibius School, Chicago.

Using Graphs to Display Data (PDF) by Sara Bosch of Madero Middle School, Chicago. 

Esperanza Rising (PDF) by Aubrey Smith of Saint Frances of Rome 

Native American Relocation by Constance Campe

Feel the People, See the People, Hear the People; Perspectives of an Ex Slave in America by Martha Wilkins 

History of Segregated School by Merrick M. Murray

Native Americans: Mapping a Treaty Tragedy (PDF) by Lynda Bradford

Events Which Led To Civil War (PDF) by Kim Klepitsch

Coming to America: Immigration 1800s to 1900s (PDF) by Luisa Santoyo

Battle of Bunker Hill (PDF) by Rachel Wilson

Powerful Words, Powerful Images by Meredith Buchbinder 

Voices of the Civil War Unit Plan by Michael McCann 

The Contributions of Women in the Civil War by Hayat Msouty

Civil Rights and Peaceful Protests by Mary Greska

Anti-Slavery and Harriet Tubman by Jean Topic

The Great Migration by Keisha Rembert


Grades 9-12

Haymarket Affair (PDF)by William Howell of Washington High School, Chicago.

Cesar Chavez y Las Huelgas, He Sowed the Grapes of Wrath (PDF) by Maureen West of Mather High School Chicago. 

A Quest for Civil Rights (PDF) by Robyn Lee Diaz of Orr Academy High School. 

The Jazz Age (PDF) by Michelle Trojan of Rowe-Clark Math & Science Academy  

Moutaintop Mining (PDF) by Monique Maher, Simeon Career Academy High School, Chicago, Illinois 

The Causes and Effects of the New Deal by Jose Gamino

The War to End All Wars by Angela Tzortzis (Additional Power Point)

Propaganda on the Home front by Julie Schupp

Understanding Issues in Separation of Church and State by Julianne Rosenquist 

American Immigration at the Turn of the Century by Josh Parker

Media and the Spanish-American War of 1898: Causality or Coincidence? by Michelle Mowery

Who is Jim Crow? An Exploration of the Development of Jim Crow by Jessica Marshall

Religious and Political Views Shape the Slavery Debate by Janet Mark

Progressive Era Reform (1890-1916) by Theo Lesczynski

Hoover Reacts to the Great Depression by Jennifer Baniewicz

Military Technology in World War I by Alexandra Cruz

Was Total Destruction Inevitable?: The United States, Japan, and the Atomic Bomb (PDF) by Alison Eichhorn

Why Cesar Chavez is a famous Hispanic-American? (PDF) by Julia Galvez

How did the Monroe Doctrine reflect the attitude and interests of the United States toward Latin America? (PDF) by Jose Mayorga

What are the Elements of Propaganda (PDF) The Use of Music as a Propaganda Tool (PowerPoint) by Martin Galligan

Civil Liberties in America (PDF) by Erin Riordan

Obstacles and Triumph- Literature of Perseverance (PDF) by Alex Janusek

The African American Struggle for Education (PDF) by Tyler Yarbrough  

Dream of Flight: Creative Non-Fiction Writing Utilizing Primary Sources in Setting and Character Development (PDF) by Amy Roberts-Paeth

Japanese American Internment Camps (PDF) by James Phelps  

Great Depression, Dust Bowl, and American Migrations by Aaron Weiss

Comparing Reactions to the Attack at Pearl Harbor and the Attacks on September 11, 2001 by Adam Markgraf

New Deal Programs: Goals, Impact, and Efficacy by Lauren Cantacessi

Understanding Immigration: Past and Present by Rebecca Kijek 

Open Your Eyes: Historical Perspective Through the Ages by Benjamin Bateman

The 1919 World Series and the Black Sox Scandal by Alex Kmicikewycz

America’s View of Science Over Time by Lauren Figy

Bird Survival (ESL Biology) by Jillian Hartmann  

Women's Suffrage by Marybeth Reilly

Harlem Renaissance- Portrait Investigations by Scott Kondraschow 


Michelle Mower
Media and the Spanish-American War of 1898:  

Higher Education 12+

Making a Significant Difference in Society to Shape our World (PDF) by Angela Wells, Calumet College of St. Joseph, Northwest Indiana